Rights defenders welcome Australia's decision to end judicial cooperation efforts with China, claiming it violates judicial sovereignty of countries across the world
Australia is the only Western and democratic nation to have such an agreement China's National Commission of Supervision (NCS). Signed in 2018, Australia's Federal Police said the agreement will now lapse and not be renewed. China has actively been trying to build legitimacy around the NCS as a counterpart in international judicial cooperation by entering into cooperative agreements, trying to make inroads into democratic countries.

What do you think of antinatalism? I think it's stupid and worrying that their ideas are gaining traction. I am not opposed to people not having children or representing themselves as a block, but the idea that having kids is bad is just plain dumb. My own experience in life makes it reek a lot like mental health issues in those who are antinatalists.

Never quite saw him saying that, but I guess a broken clock is right at some point. Woke has become the broadest, lamest statement that seems to have very little meaning other than thinking something is progressive. Basically, woke means nothing now. Don't get too excited for a sudden change in Trump. He's only saying this to piss Ron off

CNN reported that the audio recording contains the sound of paper rustling, as if Mr Trump was waving a document around. The recording also reportedly captured laughter after the ex-president noted that he was not permitted to show the document to anyone.

I consider one of the justices to be 100% illegitimate, and two of them to be *potentially* illegitimate.

An interesting read on how the Oath Keepers use natural disasters as recruiting platforms by providing relief aid to people susceptible to their message.

House approves the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling bill as default deadline looms
>House lawmakers have passed a piece of compromise legislation brokered between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to avoid an unprecedented debt default with just days to spare. >The House approved the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 Wednesday evening with a vote of 314-117.

Moldova’s breakaway region of Transnistria continues to enjoy “de facto free gas” from Russia’s Gazprom – a situation which satisfies no one but ensures political stability in the Russian-controlled region, the country’s energy minister says. Victor Parlicov, however, also says that this situation is fragile and not sustainable in the long run.

My father, Henry Kissinger, is turning 100. This is his guide to longevity
Can't wait to read the comments for this one (on WaPo, I mean, though comments on my HK nudie pic are welcome as well 🙂) ![](

Russia sends untrained conscripts to defend its border in Belgorod, officials threaten relatives calling for authorities to “pull their sons out” with prosecution
While the Belgorod conscripts aren’t officially participating in the war, they regularly come under fire; many have suffered injuries, and at least seven have been killed. At the beginning of the war, the country’s leadership, including President Vladimir Putin himself, promised that no conscripts would be involved in the “special military operation.”

desantis twitter announcement failed lmao
can't even do an audio stream to 400k people xDDDDDD Join in the next "twitter space" to even increase server load :)

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