Even if the west and Ukraine refuse to negotiate, that further sours relations between the west and the rest of the world because majority of the countries want the conflict to end as soon as possible. If China brings a reasonable proposal that Russia agrees to and Ukraine rejects it then it undermines western narrative that it's Russia that cannot be reasoned with.

It became known that US Defense Intelligence Agency is creating a China analytical department. The plans to create an independent China mission group were announced on November 30 by John Kirchhofer, the Chief of Staff for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Not going into details, the official admitted that new department will be operational by the beginning of 2023. Among its functional responsibilities will be monitoring the intensifying rivalry with Beijing, especially in collecting specific information about China's military complex, defense building, etc. It is worth to remind that Pentagon published a report on China's military power. The document marks the urgent need to put a firm control over Beijing's ambitions, especially over Taiwan and in the pretext of the People's Liberation Army's attempts to strengthen its positions in Asia, Africa, Middle East by creating a "military and logistics infrastructure." The DIA transformations are direct result of the White House initiatives to increase "examination of China." Among other examples is creation of CIA's new operation center to counter China. It is also worth to mention that all these steps are complying with the growing attention to the Asia-Pacific Region and increasing financing to train specialists for effective promoting of Washington's Indo-Pacific goals. In that way we see Washington's readiness for further confrontation with Beijing. Previously declared by the US Administration work to deter China's influence in the world again gets practical implementation and shows its holistic approach. Still there is no reaction from China.

In a 2018 Purdue survey, Chinese students in the US developed better opinions of China and slightly worse toward the US.
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