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More so, their mirroring from Gemini, not the other way around

Whenever I hear web3 I want to jump off a cliff. Seriously. I love decentralization, I am currently developing an indie web platform, but crypto makes me irrationally mad. I have never been so fired up at anything. If the web becomes primarily crypto based, I will quit my job and become a ski instructor. Fuck Ethereum, the drug cryptocurrency. Fuck Smart contracts and fuck all the people who manipulate people into NFT scams. Fuck all the people who fell for NFT scams. I just want it to be over. Now back to sdf. org

Why must addons be created for free software instead of merging it in? for firefox seems good but for lm I don’t see the need, why was LES not just added to master?

Curious, other than cf obviously being proprietary, what issues do you have?

You might be interested in interledger if you make websites, I make about 15$ a week off of users with coil just by setting up an interledger pointer.

Thank you for responding, I think I will keep this up but in the future lets stick to things with public source trees

Thank you Jeffrey, I will look into the upload crew!

Yes! I think for me it is better than bandcamp, the perfect combination between streaming and ownership. I joined the coop, (5$ membership + some shares). I hope extra funding can help them market themselves and get their service on the streaming service lists that publishers/indie artists use to launch the album on many platforms, because at the moment there is not much of my style of music.

I have conflicting feelings though, I like the spotlight on indie, but I am not sure how well it will work for the platform’s growth to only have artists no one has heard of. I think ideally we have an indie only section and then the hybrid section with a bit of everything

Edit: Bandcamp is closed source!

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/81992 > Resonate is a really cool co-op and they could really use some volunteers & users. > > I've been looking for a more ethical music streaming service since I discovered [Spotify and other streaming platforms are terrible for small artists](https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2021/03/18/spotify-artist-earnings-figures/). Only the top 3% of artists make $1000/yr and only the top 1% make more than $5000/yr. You'd have to be in the top 0.2% to actually earn a living of $50,000/yr on Spotify. > > Resonate is the only platform I've found that's doing something radically different. They have a stream to own model in which listeners pay artists directly about 1/4 of one cent for their first stream then the price increases exponentially with each stream until the 9th stream at which point the listener has paid ~$1.50usd. At that point the user can download the song for offline listening and never has to pay to stream that song again. > > Perhaps the coolest part is they are a co-op, 45% of governance weight is reserved for artist shares, 35% for listener shares, and only 20% for staff. > > Resonate is a small project that could use all the help it can get. If anyone knows of any other cool music platforms, I'd love to know about them, too! https://github.com/resonatecoop/stream

Thank you for raising. After this comment turns 24 hours old I will remove the post provided OP does not respond

Thank you, added to the JS haters handbook

What is your favorite open source software?
Save for lemmy, duh.