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Because many many years ago, when people who are retired now were young, the world also was a terrible place.

Nothing. This server existed, it was called wolfballs.com. lemmy.ml, beehaw.org, feddit.de and many others had this server blocked. So nothing was showing up from them.

You could make an account there, create the community yourself and make your other account mod.

I don’t know about requesting. Maybe someone with an account could create the community and mod you.

I used to think this way when I was younger but I have gotten more optimistic in this respect

It’s linked to https://beehaw.org/c/entertainment, like you said. I don’t think there is a way to link in a way where every server links it to their local view of that community.

I think beehaw will last, don’t worry. They have been very well managed for the last year.

yes. Your account is tied to the server that it lives on. You could make another account called myUsernameBackup on another server, or even with the same name. Just as with e-mail.

you could post to !entertainment@beehaw.org for example :)

Give it a week and more general communities will work fine

I am out of words. Not surprised, but it's such a low. Imagine promoting anything this hateful, or even anything made by [matt walsh](https://nitter.at/MattWalshBlog)... https://nitter.at/elonmusk/status/1664609193230204929#m

This, so much this!! The workplace needs to be democratic as well.

I thought they’re just random bystanders, but back left could be jordan peterson?

sorry my explanation was bad. I meant you can create a sub on the server that you’re on. Afaik only beehaw disallows this.

yup, that’s exactly how they feel. They’re like hurt children.

Immer nur ich ich ich

Tja, da kann man nix machen, niemand ist schuld und Konsequenzen werden auch keine gezogen. So ist das.


Do you use reddit mostly through the app or web?
Because I only use web, on mobile and desktop. I can't live without adblock.

What do you think of antinatalism?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antinatalism I think it's stupid and worrying that their ideas are gaining traction. I am not opposed to people not having children or representing themselves as a block, but the idea that having kids is bad is just plain dumb. My own experience in life makes it reek a lot like mental health issues in those who are antinatalists.

Who can tell me how federation works between peertube servers?
cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/714603 > Because it doesn't seem to work as I expected. > > I thought if a peertube server follows another peertube server that all the videos that the second server uploads to any channel are automatically pushed into the timeline of the first server. That doesn't seem to be the case though, I have seen multiple servers that follow each other but the videos posted on one are nowhere to be found on the other. > > Why have this servers following servers thing then? Is it just a whitelist? But if it was a whitelist I shouldn't be able to follow any accounts on other servers from an obscure pt account, which doesn't seem to be the case also. > > Soooooo, any ideas? Just bugs?