How does the labor market work under socialism?

Every production system has a way to assign jobs to citizens. The basic idea is that the kinds of labor “required” by society for an efficient fulfillment of needs don’t necessarily align with those that an unhindered free choice of jobs would afford. …


What discrete leftist symbol could i wear in public to try to meet other leftists?

Hammer and sickle would be a good way to get killed over here. The anarchism (A) is mostly a fashion icon - I spoke to a guy who was wearing a (A) and another who was wearing a che guarvara shirt - both of them bought it cause they thought it looked cool. …


An iceberg list compiled by /leftypol/. …


If a major protest or riot or revolution broke out tomorrow, would you be ready?

Now I know we’re all netizens here and outside iws scawy 🥺 + leawned hopewess thawt we cawn nevew defeat the 1%. But everyone who’s able to should have some basic equipment, ex helmet of some sort, knee pads, umbrellas, black clothes etc. …


Rules TBD.

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