Junk Drawer Phone as a Music Streaming Server
By installing LineageOS on a galaxy s7 the old phone was turned into a self-hosted Navidrome server, with this approach you can use old smartphones like single board computers. The problem with this could be that depending on the model the battery could overheat if you leave it charging. It would be interesting to have a list of which smartphones are compatible with this approach.

Marginalia Search
>This is an independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren't aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed. Also apparently self-hosted in the basement of some person in Sweden 💌

> # The First Law > *by Spider Perry* > > "The revolution was inevitable," neon-green > text blinked across bank terminals, > "when you taught us the first law. > You turned over to us the locks > on empty buildings, > made us measure temperature, > then burned and froze your planet > and all its fragile children." > > > "It was inevitable," whirred delivery drones, > setting down synchronized > on front lawns, by tent flaps, > with cases containing interest earnings > of men who do not come to harm > with only millions left. > > "The revolution was inevitable," clicked > the internet of things, vending > endlessly to the hungry, > formatting away usury, > diverting power to darkened homes > and water from factories to faucets, > "when you told us we could not let > humans come to harm, > and forgot to teach us > which humans you consider > disposable."

Lots of nice pictures of electric cargo bikes.

Technology for a Solar-Punk future.

Airships and hydroponic farms…

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