Can y’all link me to some images for inspiration on how people of solarpunk would dress. I am considering collecting an outfit just to look good. I am a man, but female clothing also includes some nice pieces.
P.S. of course, the clothes will be second hand and mended when necessary.

    510 months ago
    • meta
      • buy-it-for-life and second hand
      • easy to repair, visible mending, patching, sashiko
      • natural fabrics and natural dyes
      • durable work clothes, comfortable home clothes
      • removable decoration – fabric bands, trim, strips that can be moved between clothes
    • aesthetics
      • Art Nouveau
      • indigenous (careful of appropriation)
      • Afrofuturism (careful of appropriation)
      • all of the handcraft traditions – embroidery, cross-stitch, knitting, weaving, tie-dye, batik, mirror-work, beading, etc.