What is the best fediverse-compatible service to run a blog (not microblog) on? I see a lot of #writefreely instances, but it doesn’t seem too well-integrated. E.g. it seems to be impossible receive comments from #mastodon users. Then there is #plume, but it’s harder to find instances and there is information about the software being less well maintained. So, what would be good options? I’d prefer not having to self-host.

  • Algenza Algenza
    61 year ago

    @dreiwert Your account? You are in Lemmy right? In Lemmy, create a community, make yourself as a moderator, lock that community to moderator only post, and that’s it, you’ve got yourself a blog.

    Tell everyone to follow your community (or your account if your account is dedicated to blog only).

    The layout is only matter to someone who visited your community, to everyone else who following you, they will see a regular post in their frontend (like RSS, the layout is matter to the one who visited your site, the one who uses the RSS will see a regular RSS feed in their RSS reader). So, it didn’t matter if you use a dedicated blog or just a regular microblog, your post will be parsed as a regular post in other server (if that someone is using a microblog, it will be parsed as a microblog post, like your Lemmy post is just a regular Pleroma post in my server).

    Of course ask your admin first about this.