As the current moderators of this community are no longer here, we need new moderators to help this community thrive again!

If you are interested, please reply to this thread with your availability and time zone.

  • Antik 👾
    10 months ago


    To those coming here in support of Izzy. I get it. You see them link to ONE post of where they were critical of Sync and thought that was all there is to it. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg that Izzy was so kind to share with you. In reality, this has been going on for months. Every time a thread would even mention Sync, Izzy would be in it derailing the conversation. It’s ok to be critical, it’s ok to not like Sync. But the criticism was never constructive nor helpful.

    When Izzy finally got banned for a day yesterday we hoped that they would understand. Instead they started throwing accusations, demanding apologies and repercussions against the admin that banned them. There was a line that was crossed - and they got permanently banned. In their repeal they even started accusing the admin of having “Ulterior motives” and “financial incentives” instead of looking at their own actions and the many warnings they got.

    So what happened had nothing to do with this community, but all with their behavior. And we hope someone will be interested in taking over this community because it would be sad to have to close this down due to the actions of one person. And especially as a moderator of a big community they should know how to behave and be respectful to others.

    I’m closing this thread.

    1710 months ago

    As the current moderators of this community are no longer here

    Jesus fuck, what happened to them? :O It might be a crucial information for potential new moderators…

    • Synapse
      210 months ago

      This is crazy that he got banned for the comment about Sync, he expressed his opinion is a totally respectful way. Unlike the Sync-users-mob. Maybe something happend on private-msg ?