I’ve been exploring Emacs vanilla and found some gems. I’ll list those and would like you to list as well in special those that you migrated to from a non built-in package.

  • fido: minibuffer completion
  • tab-bar: flexible tabs for frames and windows
  • desktop.el: saving/restoring sessions
  • rgrep: grep recursively
  • ibuffer: has filtering functionality
  • vc: frontend to git, mercurial, but very limited in comparison to magit
  • erpicht
    12 years ago

    These are excellent! I became an instant user of both the tab-bar and the desktop-save/read functions. Gems indeed. Thank you for sharing! As for lesser known Emacs built-ins I appreciate, here’s a short list that may qualify:

    • remember - a mode for remembering data with as little structure upfront as possible
    • todo - create and manage to-do lists with minimal effort
    • speedbar - calls a new frame for quick navigation in directories and info nodes
    • erpicht
      11 year ago

      And some more, after a few more months of looking at more built-ins in the documentation:

      • calculator - great for most simple desktop calculator needs
      • ps-print--with-faces - creates a postscript printout of the current buffer or region

      Unfortunately, the ps-print--with-faces commands do not preserve the markup features of org-mode, but the structure of the buffer or region is faithfully displayed, save the occasional wrapping of a long line or `?’ in place of an unrecognized character. If you have a printer, this can allegedly even deliver postscript printouts directly to it! It’s not exactly a novel idea; elvis has boasted such a feature for a good while, but it’s nice to see Emacs has it built-in as well!