hello! as you might have noticed I haven’t been able to post the changelog lately, so I figured I’d write a news thread:

  • as usual we released a new LW version for each FF stable.
  • I just added a bunch of documentation entries, most notably:
    • accessibility and why you might want to disable it, even though we don’t by default.
    • how to use KeePassXC when you install both it and LibreWolf as Flatpak.
    • how to install uBO if you’re in a country where the addons store is blocked.
    • full list.
  • WebRTC should work a bit better now, you should experience less breakage.
  • we maintained our usual set of patches across each release.
  • this epic contains a bunch of solved issue we have been ironing out during the past few release cycles.
  • in the next release we finally expect to fix the weird new tab issue on linux and the unresponsive window issue on macos; this was possible thanks to a contributor from the community who found a typo in one of our patches :-)
  • there’s a known issue with Firefox Sync logins.

if you have any question just ask 🐟