Looks like the NIMBYs are out in force in Sydney’s wealthy inner eastern suburbs.

They’re complaining about over-development in the wealthy inner suburbs in the roughly 6 kilometre area between the Sydney CBD and Bondi Beach.

These are Australia’s wealthiest suburbs, including Bellevue Hill, which has a median house price of A$7.6 million (US$5.1 million): https://www.afr.com/property/residential/sydney-dominates-melbourne-for-the-20-most-expensive-postcodes-20211213-p59h08

They’re opposed to new apartments being built above a train station, and new bike paths in the area.

In fact, despite being ideally placed near the Sydney CBD, they’re opposed to any development unless their area gets more roads:

"At a candidates’ forum at Double Bay Bowling Club last week, most questions centred on the planning system and what the aspiring MPs would do to stop ‘overdevelopment’ in the east.

"Sloane doubled down on her comments from last year that the eastern suburbs should not be “punished” with more housing. She also said she was not there to defend previous government decisions.

"Independent candidate Karen Freyer – an ex-staffer to former Wentworth MP Kerryn Phelps – drew an even harder line against development, saying unless the east had more schools and better roads, housing growth targets should be set at zero.

"That included a council plan for up to 500 apartments directly above Edgecliff train station. ‘That’s not the only infrastructure people living at Edgecliff will need,’ Freyer said.

“Last week’s candidate forum also heard complaints about a possible skate park in Rushcutters Bay –which has been on the agenda for 10 years – and the proposed Oxford Street East Cycleway from Taylor Square to Centennial Park Gates.”