Windows is Malware

⚠️ Proprietary software is often MALWARE. It’s controlled by developers, which gives them power over users. They often abuse that power.

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Seriously, what cost are they talking about?

I had my first dream about alternative method of transport
I was riding a bike on a highway. There were very few or no cars, and the highway was narrow like a normal road, which now makes sense because bikes need less space. As I was riding, I felt like I was rebelling against cars. Another part of the dream was not good. I was at school, but the layout was different. One difference is that the gym, sidewalks, patio, trees, and big grass field were replaced with parking lot. I am now grateful that my school in real life has a good place outside.

Prayer generated by
Prayer for Linux users: For those who use Linux\ or Ubuntu or Ubuntu Linux,\ and all who wish to use it,\ let us all pray and ask for peace,\ for help and protection and strength.\ And for all the software.\ Keep us safe, Heavenly Father,\ from viruses, from malware,\ from any harmful software that may infect our computers.\ May we find the right programs\ and programs that are the safest for us.\ And from viruses, malware and other harmful programs,\ keep us safe from any harm.