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Detailed comparison of BitTorrent, IPFS, Secure Scuttlebutt, and Hypercore
last updated March 2022 but still mostly accurate, i think

Detailed comparison of BitTorrent, IPFS, Secure Scuttlebutt, and Hypercore
last updated March 2022 but still mostly accurate, i think


when you send an SMS, all of the metadata imaginable is retained by default… as is the content of the message, in many cases.

besides law enforcement and other government agencies, numerous telco employees also have access to this data, and, in many countries at least, some of it is also sold to data brokers.

you can’t get much less private than SMS.


ActivityPub has a over 20k different independent instances, mostly federating with one another. BlueSky has one, and if you try to set up an independent one, it won’t federate.

I’m guessing you still haven’t read this post I linked to? Here is the first paragraph:

Moderation is a necessary feature of social spaces. It’s how bad behavior gets constrained, norms get set, and disputes get resolved. We’ve kept the Bluesky app invite-only and are finishing moderation before the last pieces of open federation because we wanted to prioritize user safety from the start.

It’s a little surprising that the person you’re linking to managed to install and operate their own Personal Data Server without reading enough of the BlueSky website to see that federation isn’t turned on yet!

You are confusing content warnings (not exposing others to potentially triggering content you post) with moderation (making it hard to harass users). These are two very different things.

Why should they be different? If a user neglects to label their own post, shouldn’t other people be able to label it? (And shouldn’t the reader be able to decide who’s labels to give what importance to?)

Yes, and the current owners have no economic incentive to change that. It’s a project backed by financial investors, which means they’ll want to get back as much money as possible as soon as possible.

Their initial funding came from twitter, but twitter doesn’t own it. The BlueSky Public Benefit LLC is owned by the founding team, many of whom have been working on decentralized protocols (SecureScuttlebutt, IPFS, Hypercore, XMPP, among others) since before Mastodon was a thing. The entire purpose of their company is to build the protocol, not their instance of it. Running the first instance is just a way to bootstrap the protocol.

After reading atproto.com do you still think accounts that currently exist on bsky.app won’t soon be able to migrate to another (including a self-hosted) PDS?

Have you read their blog post titled Composable Moderation?

imo it is the ActivityPub world that is cosplaying decentralization.

AT Protocol (BlueSky) seems sort of like AP except if it were designed by people who knew about cryptography and content adressability and who saw that using those tools allows for building systems where where users don’t need to rely so heavily on the node operators.

Right now, if your AP server changes their policies in a way you don’t like, or simply disappears, your only recourse is to make a new account elsewhere. If your old server is able and willing to facilitate it, you can leave a pointer to your new identity, but you can’t take your history with you.

This gives the (mostly hobbyist sysadmin) server operators that most people rely on enormous power, not to mention responsibility.

Having cryptographic identities that are not permanently tied to whatever provider you selected is the solution to this problem, and that is the main reason why ATP exists.

BlueSky hasn’t actually turned on federation or public signups yet; it remains a centralized invite-only website right now. But I’m pretty confident that both of those things will be changing soon, because the point of the project is to build a resilient decentralized protocol.

It had 4K users a couple weeks ago, and 50K today.

They implemented the “block” feature yesterday. This is what it looks like:

(Like any system where you are publishing things that are public-by-default, the “they will be prevented from seeing yours” part can of course be easily circumvented, but, like twitter and mastodon etc they are adding a speedbump that will help in many circumstances.)

BlueSky also already has a system for flagging different categories of sensitive content, much like Mastodon’s CWs. This is what it looks like currently:

If your complaint is that “node operators will have no agency in the system”… lol, i guess that is kind of the entire point of it? Of course ATP server operators will have the agency to not host content or users that they don’t want to, and to provide their users with whatever moderated views of content anyone wants to build. But, they won’t have the agency to hold users hostage to the admins’ whims like they do today in AP.

With ATP, the idea is that users (most of which are not going to be node operators, in either system), instead of admins, have the agency to change their decision about who to rely on to keep their data available, and also the agency to define what they want to see and what they want to not see (without having to start over when someone else changes their policies).

But the user-and-or-server agency I think you are worried about BlueSky taking away is not related to the technical differences, but rather the social/cultural ones: it’s the false promise of agency that Mastodon promotes by pretending it’s possible to have the benefits of a public-by-default conversation without the negative effects of it being searchable/discoverable (aka public). One could actually build things with that philosophy on top of ATP as effectively as it has been done on AP, and perhaps someone will, but indeed the current developers seem unlikely to run an anti-search-ethos server themselves.

The screenshot showing the avatar of his alt account is real: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1650607963084554288

… as reported here and elsewhere: https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7bew8/elon-musk-burner-account-ermnmusk

This is the account that Vice is talking about is this: https://twitter.com/ErmnMusk … but it could easily be an existing account that just changed its avatar to that photo. Note that Vice says the discovery of this account was originally made on 4chan.

And also by now there are other accounts using similar names and the same photo, like https://twitter.com/ErmMusk which is more clearly fake.

Use free/libre software, running on your own server, and don’t use any 3rd party services besides the payment processor(s).

The site you’re referring to appears to be built using WordPress with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WooCommerce btw.


(the linked forecast page is also on the same server, and also not loading for me now…)

edit: it is loading for me again now, and says its battery is 80%, so i guess something else was wrong.

Discord says they aren’t selling user data, but from the job descriptions they’re currently hiring for you can see that they are clearly collecting and analyzing a lot of it:

indeed, they have a public firehose, as of this PR: https://github.com/bluesky-social/atproto/pull/205

and this site’s code which consumes it is very short and conveniently not minified: https://whenitrains.glitch.me/script.mjs

live view of posts from the bluesky closed beta
i guess these are posts from the closed beta at https://staging.bsky.app/ which has maybe ~10k users now (they said >4k a while ago, and then apparently they invited 5k from their waiting list yesterday). permalinks to posts there are currently not accessible without logging in, but i guess since this site exists there must be some API from which posts can be accessed without a login. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/8bc4fb2f-55ad-459e-8346-cdd015dd6ffb.png)

circa 2005 to 2008 (as you can see if you read the page this post links to…)

fixed in Element Web v1.11.26; updated desktop Element “coming very soon” according to the announce room

it’s google… and not a real os

Under what definition of “OS” are Android and ChromeOS not Linux-based OSes?

Linux (via Android) is in fact the most popular OS used to browse the web today.

There is a lot going on here, including parts of the program not even visible in your screenshot.

You should try to make a much smaller minimal reproducible example - in the iterative process of removing things and then re-running it to test if the bug is still present (write a shell script to automate step 2, to run it as many times as are currently necessary observe the bug) you might find the cause yourself. And if you don’t, your MRE will make it easier for others to help you.

wow, this looks really promising!

i’m sorry but i still don’t have a github account for this pseudonym so i haven’t opened an issue. (it would be cool if lemmy source code and issues were hosted a site that let you log in with a lemmy account… i would definitely open issues then!)