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Police Use Water Cannons, Mass Arrest at Extinction Rebellion Protest
At least 6000 people demonstrated for an immediate end to fossil subsidies.

New “BP Sickness” Develops in Oil Clean Up Workers
The workers that helped save the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster are now developing illnesses that they say is a direct result of the work they performed. The companies responsible don’t want to help them, even though these workers did the dirty work to clean up after BP and the others involved.

*In the latter case, that of rooftop solar panels, the impact is twofold: they add supply by injecting their surpluses into the grid and reduce demand when there is sunshine.*

Hello everybody! I'm a student living and studying in south Italy. As you might already know, there have been a few protests made by Ultima Generazione (Brutally translated: Last Generation) which have been object of debate and disputes (and mostly critiques) I'm afraid that Italian politicians are now exploiting these protests to indoctrinate people into hating environmentalism. In my personal experience, I've seen plenty of people who used to support environmentalist protests starting to, I wouldn't say hate, but at least distancing themselves from the environmentalist cause (regardless of the age) **Know here's the question**: Have there been similar protests in your country? What about the reaction of the media and the public? EDIT: i put a random pic of [Fridays for Future ]( Extintion Rebellion militants helping against the flood in Emilia Romagna

Green - An environmentalist community

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