This is nice. I didn’t know about these women, other than Grace Hopper.

Why are women so underrepresented in tech?

  • @rysiek
    2 years ago

    Imagine dealing with misogyny and harassment all your life. Even when you do find a group that is safe and welcoming, it will take a while for you to trust it.

    Plus, this misogyny permeates society and the education system specifically. People are told outright “tech is for guys”, in a myriad of ways. In a way it’s just amazing that some phenomenal, strong women are able to break through this bullshit and end up doing tech stuff.

    I do hope it will get better, and welcoming, safe communities (like Rust!) make that change possible.

    (and I kind of suspect all of this is kinda obvious; if so, sorry for mansplaining 😅 )