• @rysiek
    12 years ago

    Just curious: how is Matrix easier as a sysadmin?

    Easy: I don’t run it. Simplicity for me comes not from how easy it is to sysadmin it, but how many communities I am a part of use it. IRC, as much as I hate to say it, is slowly dying away (FreeNode shitstorm did not help here), and XMPP is not great at creating community spaces. So, Matrix it is for me.

    Do you have maybe a bifrost instance on hackerspace.pl that i could reach you through?

    No clue what bifrost is.

    Otherwise i’ll try through a public instance :)

    That will probably work best.

    • @southerntofu@lemmy.ml
      12 years ago

      XMPP is not great at creating community spaces

      Yeah i agree. I started talking/drafting about XMPP Spaces a few months back. Hopefully i can find time to implement that in a client/server sometime :)

      I added you on Matrix via aria-net.org gateway. bifrost is a matrix<->XMPP gateway but unfortunately the official matrix.org instance is really bad bad bad but from what i hear the aria-net.org fork runs much better…i guess we’ll see!