New in v4.4 (Testflight Beta):

  • disappearing messages (with mutual agreement)!
  • live messages – they update for all recipients as you type them.
  • connection security code verification, for contacts and group members – protect from MITM attacks.
  • send animated images and “stickers” (e.g., from GIF and PNG files and 3rd party keyboards)
  • @rysiek
    11 year ago

    It is important to remember that disappearing messages (in any application) are only helpful for people who you trust currently. (And until the messages are deleted.)

    Sure, no question about it. Still, how the feature is designed matters, and I feel a design requiring both parties to consent to disappearing messages before they are enabled is bad design in this case.

    One of the reasons why is: you might want to send some sensitive messages to someone while they are away/offline/unavailable. Being able to enable disappearing messages and then send what you need to send is quite important.