Git was designed as a decentralized version control system from the ground up. Yet it has been subverted by centralizing hosting and collaboration platforms that compete on projects hosting their code on them. Disagreements on where a project should be hosted regularly result in flame wars. But why, since we live in a world of federated services? If the Git hosters would federate, it might not matter on which server a merge request or an issue is filed.

The #gitea issue targeted at adding #activitypub is still open, but it seems to require in-depth architectural changes. So what would be the best bet for a Git hosting platform to be the first in entering the #fediverse?

  • @dreiwertOP
    21 year ago

    Exciting! Might also indicate that could be a good choice for those willing to switch their #git hosting due to platform lock-in concerns because it’s likely that it would benefit from that to-be-implemented #federation support.