• @rysiek
    1 year ago

    For once an article about the Fediverse in a reasonably mainstream medium that goes beyond Mastodon.
    👏 👏 👏

    • AJ Sadauskas
      91 year ago

      @rysiek @KelsonV I’m all for the growing hype around ActivityPub.

      From The Verge:

      "The hottest new thing in social isn’t vertical video, and it’s not AI-driven algorithmic feeds. Instead, it’s a little-known, years-old protocol called ActivityPub that could help rewire the entire social fabric of the internet.

      “In recent months, a number of tech companies have thrown their resources into ActivityPub and what’s now known as “the Fediverse.” Tumblr is working with ActivityPub, as are Flipboard, Medium, Mozilla, and even Meta. There’s now an official WordPress plug-in for ActivityPub, which will enable the protocol for something like half the internet all at once. Developers are using ActivityPub to build new and different takes on YouTube, Instagram, and much more. ActivityPub is everywhere! ActivityPub!”


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