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Attached: 1 image FUCKING LOL they repeatedly console.log() the email addresses of all registered voters

HackerNoon’s “Noonie” awards website is truly a marvel.

First, the content. Categories like “Hackernoon Contributor of the Year - Elon Musk”, pearls of knowledge like “Innovation is not re-inventing the wheel. It is creating a better wheel.”. Calling CSS “Cascading Sheet Styles”. And a quote about engineers — from Scott Adams, no less! — with incorrectly encoded quotation marks and apostrophes.

But more interestingly, the site seems to leak e-mail addresses of all people who already voted (currently over 120 addresses). All the while pushing “web3” by proudly stating:

Web3 in a nutshell is the advocacy of your digital rights.

I’m sure your privacy is very important to them.

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