I’ve found a new project to obsess over. It’s a calorie tracking app. I spent quite a while implementing the guts. Now I’m working on the UI. GUI stuff however, has been a pain. On Trisquel, I’m limited to GTK3 and ncurses. I’ll implement both, but I’m working on the ncurses version so it’ll be easier to write the GTK version. The trouble with writing a full-blown ui in ncurses is, it’s getting very big, very fast. It’s a lot of repeated code that I realize can be shrunken down if there were such a thing as a widget toolkit for ncurses. This realization, is as cursed as a ouija board on a Friday the 13th, guarded by a black cat underneath a ladder. I’m worried that the UI is going to end up being too big to maintain if I keep going forward as is, but creating and pasting a set of widgets is likely a project of its own.

Fellas, do you have any ideas on how I should proceed?

Program screenshot

Code screenshot

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