Does anyone can write something about this? What do you think?

  • @dj1936OP
    22 months ago

    Hello friend!

    I hope this email finds you well. May i steal a couple of your time to show my comic book broject about a cyberpunk anarcho-communist urban guerrilla? Take a little peek about my work called: “No Carnival in Brazil”, or Brasil Sem Carnaval (in portuguese, my language). I’m a brazilian tattoo artist and illustrator with a radical grassroots political activity, wich presented me with many arrests and crime/underground know-how. I’ve been and lived in many favelas, ghettos and slums im Brazil, including okupas in the heart of São Paulo. With only 14 years, i orchestrated the LulzSec hacker attack against Brazil. In the next year, with 15, i becamed an anarcho-communist and since then i developed class consciousness and armed revolutionary thought. By 17, i had been arrested 4 or 5 times by crime/political/underground activity and because of one of my actions wich consisted of setting 2 banks on fire, my mother expelled me from her house and from them on i’ve some fucked up things.

    Since then, in the last decade i’ve participated in countless violent and even armed protests. With 12 years of political, street experience, i feel like most of my life could become a great movie. But this is not i want.

    I want to tell a dystopic, cyberpunk, revolutionary story with influences from my life and from many other references like Neuromancer, Akira, Blade Runner, Matrix, Years and Years, Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury, and many many other movies, comics and games from the whole cyberpunk-theme universe. But in a cyberpunk future where antifascists, communists, anarchists and eco militants take up in arms in a revolution inbetween the collapse of the earth.

    A third world war is still going on between the so-called “Axis of Evil” and the “Freedom Allies”. Brazil, in the year of 2071, where the globe is heating and become unlivable, where the third nuclear bomb exploded and the third world war began, a group of urban warfare revolutionary militants fight in the streets of São Paulo and across the Countey against the corporate-military-techonological war machine fascist regime. This is what about my comic is about: armed riots in a futuristic and not-so distant scenario set in Brazil, 50 years in the future, with fascism, world war, nuclear explosions and the very end of the human race and the end of all we know so far.

    Watch the collapse of the USA, communist hacker groups, anarchists armed with drones and hexapods robbing banks and bombing embassies, fighting against soldiers and militants from the Regime.

    To make all this happen, i just need 650 euros to buy an ipad or a drawing tablet and transfer, polish and finnish the work i had been into the past years. My plan is to release a free version ebook of the comic in english and portuguese.

    Check out this link from FireFund for more info and arts:

    You can make a little donation at FireFund for my project, even 1, 2 or 5 euros/dollars.

    With your help, i can produce something unique, underground, revolutionary and apologetical comic book and a whole universe.

    Thanks for your time and i wish you a good week!