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Cut both apples in half by lining them up, then give the birds the 4th slice…or there’s the obvious solution the monkeys alluding to 😂

Desperately trying to control the mass exodus from the clearly controlled, PATROLLED, and propagandized networks they’ve done nothing but promote and attempt to stuff into every crevice of our lives now that people have had enough of the bullshit.

I think we need a media, search results, and just overall content filter which filters out bullshit but is completely customizable based on keywords or sources and in some kind of overlay over a browser. Like you’re on a messenger and someone uses a dogwhistle, the filter will come up and be like “fuck this guy and here’s why”. Like having a leftist wiki right there in case you miss something you don’t already know about. Or you’re searching results on a news subject and a propaganda source comes up, it should get crossed out and labeled as propaganda. Kind of like a spam filter or an ad blocker but for bullshit in general not just specifically ads and spam.