Can you code? We need your help to improve lemmy
About two days ago we found a bug with the registration system on lemmy. Because of this we have updated our registration process a few times, and cannot deny any applications as the person registering does not receive any message and cannot re-apply. We currently have several hundred people that we are waiting to deny, and some unknown amount of people that we denied prior to finding this issue which we would really like to contact and give them a chance to register as they didn't write enough in their registration for us to really evaluate if they were a good fit for this instance. If you're a developer please take a look at this [github issue]( and please work your magic to help fix this problem. As an aside, we also have a list we've been working on for enhancements that would make moderating and administering this instance a lot easier, and enhancements we think users would enjoy in terms of UI and UX. We'd love to share these as well as facilitate a discussion to surface more ideas (and we plan to in the future), but right now we need to focus on the most pressing issue to us running this website, whether people can create an account here and participate.

a megathread for developments on Reddit and with third-party Reddit apps
just so this doesn't overwhelm our front page too much, i think now's a good time to start consolidating discussions. existing threads will be kept up, but unless a big update comes let's try to keep what's happening in this thread instead of across 10. developments to this point: - [Apollo for Reddit is shutting down]( - [Reddit is Fun will also shut down]( - [Reddit CEO (/u/spez) is going to hold a AMA about the API update]( - [Sync has announced it is shutting down]( - [ReddPlanet has announced it is shutting down]( - [Reddit creates an API exemption for noncommercial accessibility apps]( The Verge is on it as usual, also--here's their latest coverage (h/t []( - [It’s not just Apollo: other Reddit apps are shutting down, too](

A timeline I created of the total users at the top 10 Lemmy instances as a bar chart race: and as a line chart:

what would Reddit need to do to get you to go back
I'm not trying to convince anyone to go back i promise, quite the contrary actually cause I think spez plans to just decrease the cost of the API and act like it was a bargain deal sacrifice while not solving any of the issues at all But, when I think about it even if spez did actually listen and reverse all changes I don't think i want to go back to Reddit cause from what Ive seen Lemmy is just friendlier and less :Be Corporate Friendly: I would honestly love it if Lemmy did a project like r/place one of these days so we could see what the internet is actually like instead of what happened in 2022 (I really did enjoy what a bunch of communities did but when the mods started abusing their powers to make it corporate r/place lost so much meaning) but i am curious since i'm not going back is there anything Reddit can do to make you go back to Reddit?

Is it hard to give up your niche reddit communities? I may have a solution. Kind of.
So, this isn't meant to be a "guide" or anything but I thought it could be helpful to some. - Find yourself an RSS feed reader (e.g. Feedbin). - Grab your subreddit link. (Example: ``) - Add `.rss` to the end of that link. (Example: ``) - Add your subreddit RSS feeds to your feed reader. This way, you can keep reading reddit without having to visit it. You will still need an account to participate, of course. But I asked myself this question: "Do I *really* want to participate and keep feeding reddit content for free?" **You** are what makes reddit what it is. If you can be yourself elsewhere, why waste your precious time on reddit? You deserve better.

Seriously, what's up with big sites literally dying as we speak?
First all the bs with Twitter and Elon, then Reddit having an exodus to Lemmy (not complaining lol), then Twitch. Are we like, in an alternate self healing dimension or something?

3rd party reddit app redreader avoids the purge (for now)
The RedReader app has been given accessibility status by the graciousness of reddit and will not have to shut down. The dev is not particularly happy about how fellow devs were treated though and still plans on adding lemmy in future. Read the announcement [here](

whelp, there it is

A good calendar app to use with syncthings ?
Does anyone know of a good calendar app to backup with syncthings ? Something automatic that puts the least amount of files possible to avoid clutter

r/StallmanWasRight Subreddit Shutdown
Is there a subreddit like this on fedi?

>Twitter co-founder Evan "Ev" Williams has broken his silence and joined other co-founders in expressing his dismay at how Elon Musk is running the platform.

Extremely useful term in the context of all the AI hype.

The app, code-named Project93, will reportedly be named Threads and integrate with ActivityPub.

Is there a mobile app for Lemmy/Beehaw?
I was just curious as its easier to access a mobile app then opening a browser and going to beehaw (I know it sounds like I'm being lazy as I could make a shortcut however, the more lazy you can be to access the site the more people will be willing to be active as each step that has to be taken to access something a percantage of people will not do that step (I wish I knew what effect/ rule this was i can't seem to find it))

RedReader granted non-commercial accessibility exemption
Tl;dr: RedReader dev says the app has received non-commercial accessibility exemption, which means he can keep the app free in the forseable future (because the app is optimized for the visually impaired). However he is worried about Reddit's direction, considers adding support for [#Lemmy](, [#Hackernews]( and []( […](

Rumors, happenings, and innovations in the technology sphere. If it’s technological news, it probably belongs here.

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