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there does seem to be a dearth of them around here and a lot of that probably has to do with the explosion of the mastodon instance a few years back and a generally bad experience with mastodon many furries (at least in my circles) had back around 2019-2020

we are also but we’re pretty sure that’s not what this was, lol

yeah. although we don’t totally know what happened we know for certain it was nothing too serious

> On Thursday, six people entered a Tesco Extra in the Maryhill district of Glasgow, Scotland, took food and essential items from the shelves and put them in the store’s food bank donation bins. > > In a video posted on Twitter on Wednesday, an activist says: “The reason we’re doing this is that supermarkets in this country have been raising their prices ahead of the rate of inflation, essentially stealing from ordinary people in order to line their packets with profits. > >[...]The activist is seen ripping the security tag off a tub of baby formula. He says: “This is a basic need for every family with babies and it’s £18 in Asda, which is an immense price tag. […] Supermarkets are prioritising their profits over the safety and health of families in the community.”

as i’ve noted before furries are the vanguard of any successful online community so any niche you can find them in is probably a stable one

a few communities already have (/r/TropicalWeather) because they can’t run under the new circumstances so it’s very possible we see a much more chaotic wave of blackouts.

rollcall: how many furries do we have on Beehaw at this point
i'm sure my icon speaks for itself here, but i've definitely seen a few of you skittering about in some of our threads. show yourselves at once! maybe post your fursona even (if it's safe for work)

I’m sure the stockholders he’s been pandering to will love investing in a company that has a user base that so vehemently hates the CEO.

in fairness: hasn’t this generally been true of the site since Victoria was fired? my general perception is this is just the last straw for a lot of people, but that people who care about the site’s ownership at all have pretty consistently despised ownership for years now

you’re almost certainly going to have to browse by his profile just to see, given how nuclear the reaction against him is.

spez has never struck me as particularly capable of reading the moment, so i’m hardly surprised by that.

locking this since the AMA is now live. go over here to discuss it so your comments aren’t lost!

so far the AMA has been up for about 20 minutes, and he’s answered 3 questions. heavily downvoted as expected.

you might be unsurprised to learn that’s also the opinion of the people who made the chatbot, but which NEDA in this case ignored and decided “oh, should be fine.”

as you can perhaps tell by the headline: it was not fine! it was actually a really bad idea!

mmm, yeah, no. while we’re not super hardline on self-promotion, not only does not vibe well with this community–but it’s also being hosted on an instance we defederate from because it allows loli/shota, and which seems to have a pretty rancid community in general. this is not really helping those vibes, and we’ve all seen what “jokingly” hateful communities turn into. please don’t post stuff from this instance in general, thanks.

Having to write an application is a hoop that many people won’t want to bother jumping through. Requiring users to wait for their new account to be approved is going to put many off. I suspect a lot just won’t come back to check if their account has been approved. Being rejected (especially without realizing) is going to leave a sour taste in people’s mouths and they’ll just not bother. Requiring a human to manually read applications and approve every new sign-up is obviously self-limiting.

all of this is fine with us, to be frank with you. as i noted the other day: we’re sympathetic to people who just want a new place to be, but it’s really not on us to be that place. we didn’t sign up to be the gatekeeper of Lemmy or to get all the attention we have–that’s stuff that’s been imposed on us by other people, often disregarding how clear we make it that We’re Not Reddit, we don’t intend to be, and that our community is crafted with a specific goal in mind that necessarily cannot be inclusive of everyone.

but again, we’re trying to smooth out the edges for everyone in between keeping this site afloat: we have a whole list of stuff we’re sending to the Lemmy devs, and we’ve already opened bug reports and feature requests to make this whole process more transparent and less painful for users. it’s just a matter of getting the people needed to work on those, which we even have a sticky on here.

but based on what I read in GitHub, it sounds like if an admin denies a signup, the email doesn’t get sent, and then the user is in a weird locked state where they can’t signup again, and the admins can’t modify the user.

more or less yeah. by lemmy’s current design, if we deny you you’d never know unless we manually scraped your email and manually sent you a denial email, and emails aren’t mandatory so for some people that’s not even a hypothetical option

indeed i am just waking up

goodnight, Beehaw
we have a nice thing going here, and i'm glad that about 5,500 of you are here to share it with us. it's a new day tomorrow and i hope you'll be here for that too ![](

there are three constants in life: death, taxes, and Clarence Thomas writing legal opinions which should get him disbarred from the judiciary and legal system entirely

a megathread for developments on Reddit and with third-party Reddit apps
just so this doesn't overwhelm our front page too much, i think now's a good time to start consolidating discussions. existing threads will be kept up, but unless a big update comes let's try to keep what's happening in this thread instead of across 10. developments to this point: - [Apollo for Reddit is shutting down]( - [Reddit is Fun will also shut down]( - [Reddit CEO (/u/spez) is going to hold a AMA about the API update]( - [Sync has announced it is shutting down]( - [ReddPlanet has announced it is shutting down]( - [Reddit creates an API exemption for noncommercial accessibility apps]( The Verge is on it as usual, also--here's their latest coverage (h/t []( - [It’s not just Apollo: other Reddit apps are shutting down, too](

Atlanta residents are trying to get a question on the ballot to stop the Cop City project from going forward
some context, for the unfamiliar and non-Americans what Cop City is: > [...]the center is planned to be used as a training center for police and fire services and is expected to open at the end of 2023. Facilities at the site will include classrooms, a burn building, a mock city, and a shooting range. basically, it's a huge tactical facility, reflecting the increasing militarization of police in the US. the center is also due to be located in what is currently a forest, and is in a part of Atlanta which is overwhelmingly Black. community reaction to Cop City: overwhelmingly negative, but the project is going forward anyways. > Atlanta residents have repeatedly made clear where they stand on Cop City. In September 2021, when the Atlanta City Council first voted on the proposal, there were over 17 hours of public comment in which the majority of people spoke against the facility. In May 2023, there were another 7 hours of unanimous public comments against Cop City. In June 2023, there was a record-breaking 24 hours of public comments declaring loudly and clearly that Atlantans do not want Cop City. how the petition works: > Once the referendum language is approved by the City of Atlanta’s Clerk, we can begin collecting petition signatures. We have 60 days to collect 75,000 petition signatures from City of Atlanta registered voters to get the referendum on the November ballot. > > Every voice, every signature is crucial to our campaign, and by law must meet certain requirements. > > Petitions will only be accepted if you: > - Were registered to vote in Atlanta in the 2022 election. > - Are a current resident of the City of Atlanta. Find out if you’re registered to vote in Atlanta [here]( > - Sign and return a physical copy.