I keep cutting out things like social media from my lifestyle, but I’m finding it hard to fill the time. Reading can only go so far, there’s never anything on TV, and my friends all live twelve miles away.

So, before we really had social media, what did teenagers do?

  • @rysiek
    5 months ago

    That’s the spirit!

    Here’s a crazy, far-fetched idea: there are bound to be a bunch of other people in the area that might be in a similar pickle. Maybe consider starting your own local hackerspace. 😉

    I helped start one 15y ago (still going, but I moved out of that city) and am reanimating another that has been dormant for a while. Pretty good way to meet interesting people.

    • Hellfire103OP
      25 months ago

      That sounds like a great idea! I’m still in sixth form for the time being, but I might put out a survey and try to rent out some premises in the town when I’m older. Businesses are moving out left, right and centre (make of that what you will), so there are plenty of places that would make a good hackerspace.