These people keep bringing up “mArKeT sHaRE”

  1. Linux is free. How would it get market share?
  2. It’s quite difficult to get an accurate “market share” since user-agents can be faked.

EDIT: I wonder if Microsoft are making anti-Linux accounts to try and hamper Linux.

  • @rysiek
    1 year ago

    Actually, if we’re nit-picking, it means “Personal Computer”, but the colloquial meaning has shifted somewhat since the good old IBM times to first mean desktop computers (as opposed to laptops), and then to mean non-Apple computers (including laptops), which for most people means “a computer that runs Windows.”

    Which is the basis of my heavy sigh.

      21 year ago

      It would have been anything that implements Bios enough to boot MS-DOS, more or less.

      But now that’s not what anyone actually wants anymore since Windows, the thing people usually boot, wants UEFI instead. So I would say now it is probably anything that can run x86 code and boot Windows, even if it’s from System76 and meant to run Linux.