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the whole reason why they are separate platforms is that they are for different use cases.

The reason they’re separate platforms is because they were developed by separate people/teams. They’re not even vastly different usecases. Link aggregation isn’t far from microblogging. The comment you made is even represented as a Note which is what all the microblogging fediverse platforms use for their posts. If you make a Note from a microblogging platform and include a link, that is represented differently from Lemmy’s posts (which is a Page I think?) but semantically they’re the same thing.

a Mastodon user would want person to person conversations, a Lemmy user would want topic-based discussion with less emphasis on who they are talking with, etc.

A conversation on Lemmy is started by a posted link, but again, there’s no real difference in this thread we’re participating in and a thread on a microblogging platform. In fact, microblogging users can participate in this thread. And this thread could have been started from a microblogging platform and it could be the exact same thread.

A fediverse app should display Actors (which could be a human user, Lemmy community, Kbin magazine, bot user, etc) and its list of posts and allow that actor to be followed (assuming the current user’s server supports following that actor type). The functionality is basically the same on every platform and the UX should be the same; the tricky part is showing/hiding features based on what the current server allows (e.g. if the app is displaying a user, it should show a follow button on microblogging platforms and kbin, but not on lemmy) and handling the side effects which are different for every platform

ah you’re right. I misread the section that mentioned that and thought there wouldn’t be any public post pages. Thanks for the clarification.

A Takahē refactor, as a treat - Aeracode
I mentioned this [here](https://stereophonic.space/notice/AVFPCcJb99Lo9FXzcG) but I am very disappointed in the removal of a web UI for a #fediverse project. I don't use Takahe myself, but this will make those users harder to engage with. If I only use a browser for my fediverse activity, I won't be able to see any of those users without following. EDIT: Everything I said above and in the linked post is probably wrong so ignore it. Thanks to [@KelsonV@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/KelsonV) for pointing that out to me. https://lemmy.ml/comment/423338

Modern browsers can retain your scroll position for pages in your history. But Lemmy is a SPA (Single Page App) which means it uses a Javascript framework to manage most things that the browser normally does. When you go back to the feed in Lemmy, Lemmy loads your feed and positions you at the top not the browser.

I believe the dialog element has support in all the mainline browsers now, so again, if you want to load a page in an overlay, that is something browsers can do but Lemmy has to be written to do it that way.

And mastodon has consistently used platform-centric thinking over interoperability since its start. You can notice how whenever gargron talks about groups, he doesn’t mention any of the current implementations and the masto team is rarely involved in FEP or interoperability conversations (other than to defend their own stance)

Unlike plane autopilot where it can always be overriden by manual interaction as fallback

To be fair, pilots undergo actual training and in the U.S. I think they have to get relicensed every so often. Drivers take a written test and then a single driving test and they’re licensed for the rest of their life, regardless of any new circumstances.

Without cloud connectivity, it would presumably operate like a normal completely human controlled vehicle, so no capability would be lost.

Here’s hoping that the mastodon team actually pays attention to this when they start their group implemenation

And there can’t ever be a guarantee that fediverse content will include a language. I think selecting a language should only filter out content with an explicitly set language that doesn’t match but allow unspecified-language content through.

Not only is it exciting that they’re adding ActivityPub support, but its great that they’re basing their implementation off of Lemmy. Up til now, most implementations have been from scratch and implement federation after the project has gotten up and running and then do federation testing. That leads to different assumptions about models/flows and inconsistencies and hacks to get it working. Working off of another implementation’s federation guide will mean less hacks but still leave room for impl-specific features and workflows.

While I agree with the EFF that the fediverse could become “the fabric of the social web”, I think this article is slightly off. Their argument is about the fediverse and how it’s based on ActivityPub and so could be used for many different types of interactions. But they were arguing against the idea that mastodon is a failed twitter clone. I think the article they’re replying to is right; mastodon is a twitter clone that misses what hardcore twitter users like about it. Everything the EFF wrote about the fediverse is right, but that has nothing to do with whether mastodon is a decent twitter alternative or not becuase mastodon is not the fediverse.

A new fediverse protocol based on #ActivityStreams and #DID. It's partially interoperable with #ActivityPub. There's a demo client at https://conversely.social/. The client will automatically create an account for you. Because it uses DID (Decentralized Identifier), the account is tied to your device, by default. You can create a password to use the account on different devices, though I haven't tried that yet. My DID is [did:key:z6MksRMsKgo66ipr4Hut6gkRNkCo92FNapPjF32L6i2Za1cM](https://conversely.social/actor?did=did:key:z6MksRMsKgo66ipr4Hut6gkRNkCo92FNapPjF32L6i2Za1cM).

Communities Are Boosting Old Deleted Posts
Since the upgrade to 0.17.0, I've been able to join communities from my Pleroma account, so big shout out to the dev team for that! But I've noticed a weird behavior where communities will boost random months old posts. [This post](https://lemmy.ml/post/263985) was made 9 months ago and has since been deleted but was federated to my server [here](https://stereophonic.space/notice/ASJ3exVYh2kZ4uAAl6)

I don’t know much about open source licensing. What’s wrong with the SSPL and what does that have to do with mongo?

I'm excited about about a more CMS-like approach to a fediverse server, especially one that leans on #IndieWeb building blocks.

Complaining that you’ve been banned for a seemingly innocuous post isn’t proof that you deserved to be banned. If the author is telling the full story, the admin(s) of their instance were in the wrong.

And this is a legitimate issue. If new fedi users try out an instance and get banned without warning, they’re unlikely to try another instance. I want the fediverse to have a wider array of people and conversations happening, but that can’t happen if admins are quick to ban instead of engaging their users.

Last time I used it, Fedilab also supported PeerTube. The same developer also released a specific PeerTube app, though so I don’t know if they split the video functionality out or left it in.

just because the (corporate) internet works this way now, doesn’t mean it should

The web worked this way before there was a large corporate presence. Scraping was common during the blogosphere period and robots.txt was the solution everyone at the time agreed on and that’s been the standard ever since.

I’m happy that you’re comfortable with this model, but I don’t want people who operate like this to intrude on the spaces we’re building to get away from it

We’re not intruding on this space. We’ve been in the fediverse for just as long or longer; the fediverse has been scrapable since 2008.

I think votes are represented by ActivityPub Likes and Dislikes. Likes are already federated by every other software so it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to federate dislikes.

But unlisted toots are still technically public. If you scrape my profile, you will get them

Then that’s a scope issue with your server software.

the fact that they are public in the technical sense does not mean I consented to them being scraped etc.

This is what I was trying to say with the analogy to a public announcement. Public speech has no expectation of privacy. Nobody would find anything wrong with recording a public announcement. If you want to have a private conversation, it’s up to you to hold that conversation privately.

Just as wearing a short skirt is not blanket consent to sexual advances

This is a ridiculous analogy. Scraping public text, which is something that’s been widely accepted on the web for two decades, is not remotely similar to sexual assault.

Yes. Business that can afford it have security cameras. And more relevantly, nobody talking in a cafe thinks their conversation is private and that nobody will overhear it. We use a combination of location within the space, voice level, and body language to show how we want others to interact with us. If you walk into the cafe and make an announcement at the front, you have no right to expect that nobody will respond to that announcement, or tell others about it, or even record you while you make that announcement. That is what posting on the fediverse is like. If you want a quiet conversation in the corner, you can post unlisted.

Yeah, I know. I shoulda put a /s on that; my bad.

Disappointing. It’s too bad there’s not a standard API that clients could use to communicate with servers.

EDIT: That was a sarcastic response. ActivityPub has a Client-to-Server (C2S) API that would solve this problem if anybody would ever implement it.