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I harm no one. That is my pholosophy.

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Not everybody has the same opinion, even people like me who experienced both. I’m not dismissing theirs, but you are definitely dismissing ours

Sometimes people like things that aren’t good for them, like if you’ve ever known someone who is stuck in a bad relationship they ignore the shockingly horrible things and just focus on some happy memory or something they are desperately holding onto. I agree Soviet nostalgia is cool but if it was really that great it wouldn’t have collapsed, you know

this is basically why they invented gemini

ale to nie dziewczyna

idk but in Poland the 99% had a terrible experience with socialism, and I think that’s the case for nearly everyone who had to go through it, except the parasite class (communist party elites) who own everything… ultimately the theory is wrong because it never turned out how they said it would