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A community fork of a language named after a plant fungus. All of the memory-safe features you love, now with 100% less bureaucracy!

[Rust Trademark Overview](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ErZlwz9bbSI43dNo-rgQdkovm2h5ycuW220mWSOAuok/mobilebasic) Oracle, Is that you?

Basically divide it in two main sections: for USERS and for DEVELOPERS. The first one like a guide/manual: about how this platform works for the average user (less tech stuff), graphical content, clients, etc. And the second one like a documentation/resources module: about how the platform works in-depth (API, Frontend/Backend dev, etc.).

Is this the future of Java?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/823245 > > Tuples, templating, type-safe data access, units and measurements, extension methods, and countless other features exist, seemingly in perpetuity, in every language but Java! But no longer, thanks to the Manifold project. > > There is an interesting [reddit thread](https://teddit.net/r/java/comments/q97el0/comment/hguochg/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) discussing whether Manifold is actually a JVM language and not just a "Java compiler plugin".

Huawei has one of the largest Innovation and Development , I+D, departments in the world; With a large number of patents in both software and hardware, registered trademarks, intellectual property and a presence in many fields of science: artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, aeronautics, energy, defense, semiconductors, etc. practically comparable to the giants in the sector such as Intel, AMD, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, etc. but with the added value of being a manufacturing corporation and having all the raw materials, as well as a large amount of cheap labor. Little dependent on the West.

Huawei is more strategic in geopolitical terms, Xiaomi and other similar companies to a greater or lesser extent use patents or indirectly depend on Huawei, especially in IoT and Telecommunications

Why is Wikipedia not going after the Wikiless instances ?

I don’t want to think badly, but everything seems to indicate that wikimedia (the people behind wikipedia) has nothing to do with this: it doesn’t make sense, the content of wikipedia is under CC-BY-SA and its source code is GPL v2, supposedly it could be for the logo and name (they are registered trademarks of the foundation) but even so, use an entire legal department to accuse a single person, which does not violate the licenses described above nor is it a commercial project or illicit enrichment; dude, it’s just a frontend, not even a full mediawiki fork.

@dessalines@lemmy.ml some times commented on certain practices of the Codeberg staff that went against the status of being a non-profit organization: one of those practices was to ban FOSS projects without apparent explanation that are related to certain areas such as blockchain, torrent, p2p, etc. although these do not violate their code of conduct or are illegal.

I chose Codeberg as my main forge instead of Github and Gitlab (this was the one I used the most) precisely because of their status, in a strict sense they are not “a company” like these two, which theoretically gives you more freedom and more control over your projects.

But seeing this, I’m thinking whether to continue with them or go back to Gitlab or another alternative.

What certainty do I have that they won’t ban my projects (personal/professional) with all the work that this entails from one day to the next simply because they don’t like them or because of my ideological/political positions?

Thanks, I didn’t see well on my phone.

What is your question?

The same thing happened when the switch was made from conventional animation to computer generated animation or digital drawing instead of pen and paper. None of these advances “killed” the above, traditional means are still used. All this is more than a complement to what already exists, in my humble opinion, instead of arguing about this type of thing, the big companies and production studios should focus on improving the working and living conditions of the people who dedicated to working in this sector.

The newest version always appears in the play store first. More info

Por razones históricas Reddit (la plataforma en que se inspira y es alternativa Lemmy) ha estado enfocada al publico de habla inglesa al estar muy ligada a temas muy técnicos y de la cultura Geek/Nerd mayoritaria en estos países.

  • En la instancia de referencia (la mas grande) lemmy.ml hay mucho usuario hispano hablante.
  • La que menciona @nutomic@lemmy.ml que anteriormente era NoGAFAM.
  • Jeremmy.ml la administramos un mexicano (yo) y un chaval español @Echedenyan@lemmy.ml. No se si eso también cuenta jejeje.

Top 5 Easy and Top 5 Hard Programming Languages to Learn in 2021
Malbolge (hello world): ``` (=<`#9]~6ZY327Uv4-QsqpMn&+Ij"'E%e{Ab~w=_:]Kw%o44Uqp0/Q?xNvL:`H%c#DD2^WV>gY;dts76qKJImZkj ``` [source code (original Malbolge interpreter)](https://www.lscheffer.com/malbolge_interp.html)

Common in FOSS projects :P

I can. But I don’t understand why? It’s the page(window) title.

Thank you very much, the post was very clarifying for me, especially about the SPC status. In the law of my country there is no similar legal status, that was confusing me a lot, since the closest thing we have is a CS cooperative society status.

But apparently from what their (ex) clients/users comment and from certain contradictory information, they use the SPC status for the purposes of a Ponzi scheme.

Do you guys think this startup is some kind of unicorn/scam? Until now I have only used its operating system on one of my laptops, which is by far the one that offers the best user experience by default among all the 100% free distros, but the truth is that I have not paid attention to the company’s actions.