a more formal beehaw introduction thread
the big stickied thread is getting cluttered with lots of new people and the "how was your week" thread isn't a *great* fit for introductions, so it seems about time to make this a dedicated thread of its own so peoples' posts aren't getting lost. tell us a little bit about yourself, folks. don't gotta be too specific or revealing, just whatever you want to put out there. this'll be a good way of getting to know all the people you're now on here with

how’s your week going, Beehaw
so far the weekend has been pretty good. currently: writing about labor stuff, also reading [this book]( it has been a pretty mild and wet spring so far which is rare for here, and i'm enjoying that while it lasts

what do you do in your free time to wind down?
We all have those moments when we get home after working or doing something labor intensive and just want to relax, what do you do to wind down after a long day?

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how would you describe yourself politically, Beehaw, and why?
we previously had this thread but it was lost in a sitewide crash. kind of fortuitous, given all the new people! anyways, i'm interested in how you describe yourself politically but also *why* you do so, and/or how you came to the beliefs that you did. be as brief or lengthy as you want in answering that. additionally, as a preface: i would like this to be a generally non-judgemental thread and i think this community is more than capable of that, so please respect that idea.[^1] in general, you are not obliged to *justify* to myself or anyone else why you believe what you do. [^1]: exceptions, obviously, go for bigotry or intolerant beliefs that would be otherwise incompatible with the community's ethos. bluntly if you're a transphobe or something like that *this is not the community for you*.

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Who can tell me how federation works between peertube servers?
cross-posted from: > Because it doesn't seem to work as I expected. > > I thought if a peertube server follows another peertube server that all the videos that the second server uploads to any channel are automatically pushed into the timeline of the first server. That doesn't seem to be the case though, I have seen multiple servers that follow each other but the videos posted on one are nowhere to be found on the other. > > Why have this servers following servers thing then? Is it just a whitelist? But if it was a whitelist I shouldn't be able to follow any accounts on other servers from an obscure pt account, which doesn't seem to be the case also. > > Soooooo, any ideas? Just bugs?

Apparently some popular vendors and brands are selling a mulch that is highly toxic to both cats and dogs. Marketed as a way to keep cats from digging up your garden, no reference is made at all to the dangers it poses to your own dogs.

Should Beehaw have a "Work" or "Antiwork" subhaw?
I've had a couple of posts that didn't really fit neatly into existing subhaws, that might be better suited to something like this, but what do people think? has Antiwork, I think, but I sometimes get a little nervous about posting things there.

how’s your week going, Beehaw
currently working through [Under the Banner of Heaven]( which would be book #16 for the year; this week is likely to be a pretty quiet one for me and there's not much to immediately report

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can someone tell me what is not allowed on
I'm just curious and don't want to break any rules
fedilink is down atm
Dunno why, let's hope it recovers quickly

What the fuck was CNN thinking giving Mango Mussolini a stage?
So far, he's laughed and joked about a woman's right to an abortion and called a black police officer a thug. Trump is fucking insane and a worthless piece of flesh.

Reddit's Developer Platform?

Relaxed section for discussion and debate that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Whether it’s AMAs, advice, how your week is going, or a question that’s at the back of your mind, it can likely go here.

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