Shootings on the streets, shootings at home, shootings in cars and buses and trains. And in schools, and on beaches.

‘I was so scared’: the Ukrainian children taken to Russia for financial gain
Stories told to children who lived under the Russian occupation in Ukraine’s southern Kherson province were designed to terrify them. When the fast-approaching Ukrainian forces came into Kherson, people added, they would hurt anyone who had been in contact with the Russians. The web of lies were often spun by the children's own pro-Russian relatives who got corrupted by Russia.

China's dependence on food and energy imports could be its biggest weakness in a potential future conflict with Taiwan
While many analysts believe – or perhaps hope – that western countries would not weaponise hunger against China in the event of a conflict with Taiwan, the war in Ukraine has shown that energy is highly likely to be hit with sanctions. And unlike Russia, with its vast reserves of natural gas, China is dependent on other countries for much of its energy.

>Back to Lauren, though, who last year declared: “I’m immersing myself in philanthropy and strategic giving.” Which sounds a lot more fun than Amazon warehouse workers immersing themselves in strategic peeing-in-bottles.

I've spent the last two weeks waking up at night thinking about a flight I have coming up and then I see this...

Those kids being shot by cops must have something in common, I wonder what it is.

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