• @rysiek
    1 year ago

    Meanwhile, Threadiverse is on the verge of reaching 100k active monthly accounts.

    Of course, the numbers are incomparable. But this whole thing made Threadiverse into a viable space for a lot of people. Reddit app developers are starting to develop apps for Lemmy/Kbin. Dozens of new instances got set up. The whole space is bigger, more resilient, and leaps and bounds more vibrant than it was in May and before (I’ve been here for years).

    A lot of people will come back to Reddit. But a lot of people will also remain here. And this space will be there the next time Reddit craps the bed, better prepared to take the influx.

      • @averyminya@beehaw.org
        21 year ago

        My understanding is that Beehaw is just an instance that can be logged into? I’m logged into my Beehaw account on Jeroba for Lemmy right now which was the only account I was able to figure how to login to, as I have a kbin as well.

        If you’re talking specifically about something for Beehaw, I’m not sure, but it seems what I’m using is in line with Beehaw’s rules - downvoting disabled is applied.

        There’s a small server maintainence popup but it hasn’t noticeabley affected anything, and it seems it’s being worked on.

        Sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for!