• kwjOP
    1 year ago

    Somewhere in the Internet - „VW demands ransom in exchange for whereabouts of abducted child“.

  • @tardigrada@beehaw.org
    31 year ago

    That’s not just VW as there appear to be similar issues at Uber:

    When police request data from Uber, they must do so online through the company’s “Public safety response portal.” This portal is monitored by employees on Uber’s Public Safety Response Team (formerly known as the Law Enforcement Response Team, or LERT).

    Soha Malik worked as a specialist for that team in 2020 and 2021. […] In court documents, Malik described a work environment where her managers encouraged her “not to assist ‘any’ law enforcement as it would hinder her ability to reduce the backlog” and “not provide information that was ‘too much trouble’ to obtain.” Instead, she was told to “give out as little information as possible since their job was to ‘protect the client,’ ” which can refer to either the driver or rider. She also said she was criticized when she provided law enforcement “too much user information.”

    The article can be read here.

    Uber also requires a Nondisclosure Agreement before helping a carjacked driver.