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Most interesting thing that happened to polish punk in the last 20 years hits Europe!..

We will gradually publish studies of basic issues affecting working people in Poland…

The European Commission has requested the Polish government pay €42 million towards fines incurred for not complying with an EU Court of Justice ruling, Polish RMF FM radio reported…

An adviser to Poland’s foreign minister: “Poland must persist as a nation by following a simple Christian message. … We don’t murder innocent people to subordinate them to us (like eastern pseudo-Christians). We don’t murder defenceless children (like hedonists in east and west)…

Rosja przygotowała listy ukraińskich polityków i innych prominentnych osób, które będą celem aresztowania lub zabójstwa w przypadku rosyjskiej napaści na Ukrainę. Zapraszamy do śledzenia relacji na żywo…

Onet zaprasza

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The situation at the Polish-Belarusian border is increasingly tense. For over 3 months, along the whole border, a state of emergency has been declared in an area several kilometres wide. This means that activists, medics, journalists, human rights organizations and no one else except the uniformed s…

Current situation at a border
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Podcast for Anarchist Network Dresden

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polish news ale in english

    Community for collecting news about what’s going on in .pl in foreign languages, so it can be shared with people not speaking this lovely language.

    Border crisis topic has its dedicated channel here.


    Społeczność zbierająca newsy o tym co się dzieje w .pl po zagranicznemu, co by można było udostępniać osobom nie władającym tym cudownym językiem.

    Temat kryzysu na granicy ma dedykowany kanał tutaj.

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