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Mistress Gul, a tailor, an electrician, a girl and maybe a cat, together with 28 other people have been tortured and continue to be, for 3 weeks now, by Border Guards on the Polish border in Usnarz Górny. Polish Guards refuse to give them access to food, water and medication, day by day…


The “Solaris” author’s centenary is being celebrated from Poland to the International Space Station. The range of his work is similarly dizzying. …


polish news ale in english

    Community for collecting news about what’s going on in .pl in foreign languages, so it can be shared with people not speaking this lovely language.

    Border crisis topic has its dedicated channel here.


    Społeczność zbierająca newsy o tym co się dzieje w .pl po zagranicznemu, co by można było udostępniać osobom nie władającym tym cudownym językiem.

    Temat kryzysu na granicy ma dedykowany kanał tutaj.

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