Easter Border News
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We are a grassroots independent group of border area residents and activists, working together in solidarity with people migrating across the Polish-Belarusian border. Our activities include material, medical and legal support for people who finally manage to cross the border, after days or weeks s…


The only ethical way of being a human from Europe is to defy the divisions and open the borders.

There is nothing more strongly inscribed into our heads than the world divided by nation state lines and superpower spheres of influence. It is a constant and necessary part of reality, thanks to which influential dickheads justify their right to rule and exploit the work of others. After a moment o…

Call for solidarity actions

Call for solidarity actions …


Sokolka, Poland – On Tuesday, three photojournalists went on their usual journey around villages near the Polish-Belarusian border to take photos of the escalating migration crisis. …

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Situation at the border (November 2021)

The situation at the Polish-Belarusian border is increasingly tense. For over 3 months, along the whole border, a state of emergency has been declared in an area several kilometres wide. This means that activists, medics, journalists, human rights organizations and no one else except the uniformed s…


Polish National Bank to issue special coin and note marking “defence of the eastern border”…

[FR] [RTL] Pologne : le patron de Frontex accuse la Biélorussie d'"orchestrer" la crise migratoire

Un petit reportage sur la situation actuelle à la frontière, dans la deuxième partie l’entretien avec le patron de frontex. …

As part of state of emergency, migrants who entered Lithuania and were accommodated in the country will be stripped of right to communicate in writing vie e-mails or by cell phones, except for the possibility to contact the country’s authorities. …

Easter Border News

    Channel to gather and share information on the situation on Polish and Eastern EU Border in foreign languages.
    We call for international pressure and solidarity.

    For other news about Poland in foreign languages, check here.

    Channel for border info in polish here.

    Logo taken form here.

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