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Emergency State on eastern border of Poland and migratory crisis [ang]

_A moral drama unfolding at Poland’s Usnarz Gorny has seen a group of 32 Afghan migrants camped in no man’s land between Polish and Belarusian border guards for weeks on end. Lawyers representing the group described their conditions to The Independent as “extremely inhumane”, and their story has bec…

[Balkan insight] Poland delivers another blow to international rights of refugees.

… Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, speaking on August 24 in Kuznice, a border point 30 kilometres away from Usnarz Gorny, said almost 3,000 migrants in total had attempted to enter the country so far. Of these, about 700 were now in closed refugee centres, Morawiecki said, leaving the others una…

Channel to gather and share information on situation on Polish and Eastern EU Border in foreign languages.
We call for international pressure and solidarity.

For other news about Poland in foreign languages, check here.

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