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She-wolfs collective write on their corpomedia:

مهم نیست از کجا آمدی، اینجا
‎خانه‌ی توست.

In solidarity with the sick and starving people that are currently being kept at the polish-belarusian border. Any attempts of providing them with food and medication have been stopped by the polish government. The forces, as always, are just “following orders” and apparently don’t feel responsible for the human suffering they witness every day. We demand for the polish government to provide the people with humanitarian help and asylum immediately. Everyone responsible for this situation is violating basic human rights. We stand strongly against this. The Wolfens collective is prepared to give shelter in Nora219a to any person in need. ACAB

Channel to gather and share information on situation on Polish and Eastern EU Border in foreign languages.
We call for international pressure and solidarity.

For other news about Poland in foreign languages, check here.

Logo taken form here.

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