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    At a Build conference event on Monday, Microsoft revealed a new AI-powered feature called “Recall” for Copilot+ PCs that will allow Windows 11 users to search and retrieve their past activities on their PC.

    To make it work, Recall records everything users do on their PC, including activities in apps, communications in live meetings, and websites visited for research.

    By performing a Recall action, users can access a snapshot from a specific time period, providing context for the event or moment they are searching for.

    For example, someone with access to your Windows account could potentially use Recall to see everything you’ve been doing recently on your PC, which might extend beyond the embarrassing implications of pornography viewing and actually threaten the lives of journalists or perceived enemies of the state.

    Despite the privacy concerns, Microsoft says that the Recall index remains local and private on-device, encrypted in a way that is linked to a particular user’s account.

    To use Recall, users will need to purchase one of the new “Copilot Plus PCs” powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chips, which include the necessary neural processing unit (NPU).

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  • @noriban
    21 month ago

    Windows tylko do gier, a jak już to narzędziem chris Titus the ultimate windows utility, a do pracy linux

    • gfleOP
      51 month ago

      Biorąc pod uwagę jak Steam popchnął do przodu kwestię gier na Linuksie, to ja ostatnio Windy nawet do gier nie potrzebuję 😄