Today we tried to anwser a call for solidarity which came from our sisters in poland, asking for morning after pills for ukranian refugees stuck in the country. Since the start of the war abortion rights organisations in poland get aproximately 10-15 requests for abortion methods per day. Abortion in poland is still highly difficult to obtain and can be done only in proven cases of incest, rape or if the fetus is defective. But even in those cases, some doctors use the excuse of »conscientious refusal to assist with abortion« and turn patients in need of medical assistance down. Due to dangerous abortion methods (non properly supervised) some of those cases end in serious health problems or death. Sestre

Potrzebujesz aborcji? Możesz zażyć tabletki albo jechać do zagranicznej kliniki. Wszystkich informacji, wsparcia emocjonalnego a nawet finansowego udzieli Ci Aborcja bez granic +48 22 29 22 597.

Pomagajmy sobie w aborcjach!

Poradnik: Potrzebujesz aborcji? NIE JESTEŚ SAMA! - Najważniejsze informacje dostępny tutaj

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